Water, Sanitation and Hygiene in West Papua


Due to the poor sanitation conditions and lack of access to clean, safe water found in West Papua, ASP has worked there since 2005 to implement water and sanitation improvements. These conditions have contributed to a number of illnesses, including diarrhoea outbreaks, poor childhood nutrition and skin disease.
ASP is working with community leaders to provide technical assistance on how to build, install and maintain a clean water supply and improve sanitation in their communities. They are also collaborating with community members and schools to change behaviour, and raise awareness and knowledge about water, sanitation and hygiene. This includes a ‘hand washing with soap’ program in schools and a Community-Led Total Sanitation program for the whole community. ‘CLTS’ is an approach which encourages the participation of the whole community to identify and understand their key hygiene issues and behaviours and enables them to improve these. ASP also provides technical assistance for the community to improve the safety of their latrines. To increase ownership and sustainability, the community are encouraged to identify and provide the materials for this from their own resources.