About Us

ASP was founded as an Indonesian voluntary organisation in 2005 and has a team of Indonesian and international professionals that have long-term experience and understanding of health development issues in this region. It is committed to working with communities in Tanah Papua to sustainably improve their health status through a synergistic approach where private sector companies, local government and NGO’s collaborate strategically to bring about improvements in health and socio-economic status. Our vision is based on the UN rights declaration that children “shall have access to adequate nutrition and health services and that they and their families will achieve greater equity in all aspects of health”. Our mission is to address the most significant health, education and social needs in this region, which include:
Poor health equity – low institutional capacity and capability, poor access to health promotion, family planning, antenatal care, primary health care & low health participation rates
High rates of communicable diseases such as malaria, HIV, Tuberculosis and childhood diseases like respiratory infections, acute diarrhoea and immunisation-preventable illnesses
Chronic diseases such as malnutrition, diabetes, asthma, cardio-vascular disease, cancer and other diseases
Unsafe water supplies, poor hygiene and sanitation

ASPs’ implementation principles aim to increase community health equity by being:
Appropriate to community health, gender, social and cultural needs;
Cost-Effective with measurable impacts;
Capacity and Capability-building for and with local communities;
Empowering interventions which improve local health, education & gender equity;
Sustainable with long term beneficial and measurable social impacts; and
Strategic and inclusively planned for and with local communities.